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Montessori equipment, materials and supplies. Has a clearance section and often offers discounts. Link – Adena Montessori

Link – Constructive playthings
Our History: Started By a Teacher, For Teachers
The story of Constructive Playthings began in the living room of a small four-room apartment in 1953 where Frances Gershon was working as a young preschool teacher. Back in the 1950’s preschool was much closer to “babysitting” than actual early childhood education. Educational standards and formal curriculum were non-existent, so teachers had to rely on their own creativity to fill a classroom full of toys, supplies, and learning materials. Large appliance boxes and homemade play dough were more common than the wooden blocks, books, and dolls seen in most of today’s preschool classrooms.
As a teacher, Frances saw an opportunity to address the gap in quality, creative, and age-appropriate playthings that didn’t exist in her school or most others at the time. She evolved her passion for educating children into a business, launching Constructive Playthings from her apartment living room. Her vision was to provide a resource that would offer a vast selection of educational toys along with classroom materials and teaching supplies to educators. Constructive Playthings became one of the first companies to offer high-quality, age-appropriate toys direct to schools and teachers via a catalog. It went on to equip some of the first Head Start classrooms in the 1960s. 

Link – Discount School Supply

Low, low prices and a variety of materials. Includes free resources.

Expect more from your classroom technology. There are a growing number of child-facing technology solutions designed to enhance children’s learning. Program leaders and teachers have to contend with an overwhelming number of demands upon their time. High quality classroom technology has the ability to alleviate some key pain points and allow for more and better time with children.

Child-facing technology is the most impactful when children play instructional games which are automatically leveled based on an individual child’s skill level. And teachers insight into each child’s development is easy, actionable, and immediate.


The Hatch Approach

Hatch’s technology solution closes the gaps in the learning cycle from assessment (collection and analysis), review and adjustment, to prescribing (instruct) specific content children need to be kindergarten ready.

Data. Where technology is needed most.

Practitioners are eager for tools that directly support their ability to deliver high-quality care and instruction by enhancing creativity, problem-solving, inspiration, and collaboration. The highest priority for decision makers is to find products designed to align with curriculum and build core teacher and child skills, support parent communication and engagement, enhance professional learning, and streamline child and staff assessments.

Hatch technology captures child development data as children are playing. Data collection is made easy and objective when it comes from the fingers of children. With data available immediately, educators have the information and support they need to deliver differentiated, personalized learning for every child in their classroom.

“I had a child who needed some extra help and he gravitated toward the Hatch technology and really improved once he started using it. It was the thing he needed to get over the hump and be kindergarten ready.

Alaina Milnes, PIC Teacher

Teacher, Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette

GOLD® partnership

Ignite by Hatch is fully integrated with GOLD® by Teaching Strategies®. As children play, data is collected on their progress and automatically sent as documentation in a child’s GOLD® portfolio. Ignite provides objective and ongoing documentation, accurately scored for 40 of the 75 items in GOLD®.

Children automatically create more than 260 pieces of documentation through their play!

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Implementation Can Make or Break a Technology Plan

Many programs have staff with varying levels of comfort and expertise with technology and can be summarized into two distinct personas: “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” – staff who grew up with technology versus staff who did not. Additionally, high rates of teacher turnover means there is constant flux in staff familiar with classroom products.

Hatch understands these challenges are have many Professional Development options to ensure implementation and ongoing training and development are included. From instructor-led, live virtual, and 24/7 online access, Hatch has your program covered.

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Supporting your technology needs.

Old infrastructure and Wi-Fi speed and connectivity affect all levels of tech-enabled service delivery. Outdated infrastructure and hand-me-down hardware from K-12 play a direct role in how technology is used and adopted in the Pre-K classrooms.

Hatch has been providing high quality, durable, hardware/software solutions, designed with children in mind for over 25 years. We have become the trusted classroom technology partner to many early childhood organizations nationwide.


Tablet and Computer

Hatch has computers and tablets that support Ignite by HatchTM. Ignite is an adaptive learning platform for children 28 months to age 5. Each of our tablets and computers come pre-installed with Ignite by Hatch, are built to last, easy-to-use, and accessible for all types of learners. These devices are made to withstand the vigorous activity that occurs in an early childhood classroom.

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Interactive Display

The TeachSmart interactive display and classroom management software are designed to help teachers manage their busy classroom environment. A child-friendly height and a full years’ worth of scaffolded activities make the TeachSmart system perfect for circle time, small groups, and one-on-one instruction.

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Interactive Touch Table

WePlaySmart helps preschool students develop social-emotional skills through collaborative play. As students play and have conversations with peers, they are introduced to thousands of unique vocabulary words that increase their language development. Our helpful video capture feature also provides teachers with an unbiased view of children’s interactions.

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Resources Curated for Early Educators

Most program decision-makers rely on word of mouth and internet searches to find products and services which support their needs. Many early childhood leaders sometimes struggle to source needed products and know which products best suit their needs.

For 30+ years, we’ve been working to support early childhood educators and leaders like you. We’ve built strong relationships with various experts in the field, making it possible to deliver webinars, blogs, and other valuable resources that give you precisely the support you need, when you need it!

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Click this link – Kaplan

Today, Kaplan Early Learning Company continues to embody Leon’s vision by providing quality early childhood resources to school systems, childcare centers, and federally supported programs. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Lewisville, NC, and the site houses office space, a warehouse, a state-of-the-art distribution center, and the Kaplan Education Megastore. Thanks to the dedication, loyalty, and hard work of Kaplan employees, the company has tripled in size since 1990 and continues to be a leading international provider of products that enhance children’s learning.

The Lakeshore Story… Humble Beginnings – link Lakeshore

It all started with one person taking a chance. In 1954, Ethelyn Kaplan, a single mother, defied the conventions of 1950s America—packing up her family and heading west to realize her dream of opening a toy store. After she set up shop in Northern California, educators soon began calling her for supplies, and Ethelyn discovered a higher purpose—serving teachers. Two generations later, Lakeshore still remains true to Ethelyn’s founding principles of listening to customers and meeting their needs.

Has a huge supply of equipment and  materials at reasonable price with discounts. Link School Specialty

Link-Early Childhood Classroom Supplies

With thousands of classroom supplies on hand, both in wholesale quantities and at low discount prices, PureFUN! Supply is your number one classroom supply store, whether you’re shopping for general school classroom supplies, elementary classroom supplies or preschool classroom supplies. We’ve broken down the classroom supplies category into a number of easy-to-navigate subcategories, and each of those are broken down further into even more specific sub subcategories.

Move your mouse cursor over the “Classroom Supplies” link at the top of the page within the blue rectangle, and you’ll be presented with a full alphabetical listing of every category in this section. Whether you’re searching specifically for early childhood classroom supplies or supplies that apply more generally to any school grade level or even office environments, you’ll find what you need here. Don’t forget to take a look at our nutritious, healthy camp and school snacks available here!

Teachers will find everything they need for their classrooms including calculators, notepads and pens and pencils. Our kid carpets are great for reading areas for the children to sit and lay on while the teacher reads to them. Some of our classroom rugs are designed to teach as the kids play games on them. Teachers can also find name plates and book marks for their kids.