Online Study Tips

Here you will find some tips on how to successfully complete and pass a self-paced/correspondence course.

In person classes are always the best choice, but when your schedule or location makes this difficult a self-paced/correspondence course is a great option.

Check out the tips below and Good Luck with your course!

Try to find a pleasant, quiet place to study without distractions.

Try to be well rested and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Set the stage with snacks, water, or beverages. Play soothing music in the background.

Some studies suggest that a scented candle or chewing gum before you begin stimulates the brain through the senses supporting learning.

Take notes! It is good idea to take notes on ideas, dates, names, processes, titles and specific content. Research shows that you retain the information longer when you hand write your notes.

You can use an outline format, graphics (doodles) and colors to create your notes. Title each page to help you keep track of where you took the notes from. Such as:

Module 1: Professional Development: (Topic)

Keep your notes in a journal or notebook so you can refer to the information after the course is over to inform your practice. As you continue to take courses you will create a great resource library.

When completing a course over an hour long it is important to take breaks. Get up every 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour and stretch, walk around, get a drink of water.

You can take the course in segments of 15 minutes to 1/2 hour and return to complete the next segment. Do what fits into your schedule and attention limits.

Our courses are mobile friendly. So you can pop in and do one topic at a time when you have a few minutes throughout your day.

Some people prefer to work in a group or with a partner. This could be at your workplace or in the comfort of a friends home.

When you choose to take the same course at the same time in the same space there is an opportunity share ideas and consider ways to implement what you are learning in your practice.

You can always contact the Trainers and schedule a time when they are available through chat, Skype or phone to answer questions and flesh out ideas.