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What does it mean to be nice?

Teachers and Caregivers often use the words “be nice.” But do the children really understand what that means? The podcast looks at how adults view nice, and how to teach young children about meeting the expectations of nice.

Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed. 2022      Traveling Trainer Productions

Do You Hear What I'm Saying

The most important thing you can give someone is your time and attention. Meaning or intention is created by the speaker and listener based on their understanding of what is being said, their experiences, and their expectations. 

Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed. 2023      Traveling Trainer Productions

Once upon a Time-Your Life is Your Story

Think of your life as a story with chapters, pages that turn, a storyline filled with joys and struggles. When someday you share your story, what will it say about how you lived it?

Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed. 2023  Traveling Trainer Productions