Mentoring Program

My name is Debbie. Rachel and I are the Mentor’s here at Pillars of Excellence. You can read more about who we are in About Us.

Let’s talk a little about what a mentor does, and the benefits of having a mentor.

The mentor’s focus is to support an educator whether a teacher or a trainer in the development of goals for their practice and walking with them as they achieve them. These goals are discussed and agreed upon by both of us. Mentor’s use something called Reflective Practice that gives structure to our work together. This happens through conversations, usually away from the classroom.

A coaching relationship is a little different in scope. Practice Based Coaching involves an educator/trainer and coach following a Collaborative Coaching Partnership method. This a process that includes [Shared Goals and Action Planning > Focused Observation > Reflection and Feedback.] This a continuous cycle until a specific goal has been achieved.

Hello! I’m Rachel.

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