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  • Beryl Cheal, M.Ed., M.A., CTP-C – Trauma (Adverse Child Experiences) – Global

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    March 29, 2020 at 2:36 am

    Contact information: To find out more about me Google my name – Beryl Cheal – Telephone and email: (cell) 206-458-3866 (email)

    Through small and large group discussions, videos, role play, designing and practicing interaction strategies, the following Services are available; Classes, individual consultations, short/long-term training, ongoing coaching, program analysis, assisting early learning programs in developing and implementing program specific design options Topics:

    o Working with children who have experienced traumatic events

    o Developing trauma-sensitive early learning programs (planning, teaching strategies, facilities)

    o Helping refugee/immigrant children thrive in our early learning programs

    o Developing trauma-sensitive curricula

    o Helping to heal long term effects of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study

    o Be Well, Stay Well – Protect our own health to protect our children!

    Experience (Note: all refugee and immigrant children have experienced war, violence, and/or dislocation.):

    · Training early learning personnel in working with refugee and immigrant children in their classrooms or other early learning settings – Department of early Learning and King County Library system,

    · Administering 1500 refugee child preschool/kindergarten system – United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) – Gaza Strip, Palestine

    · Designing, training volunteers, and helping to implement leadership development trauma-sensitive program for 6 to 12-year-old refugee girls – Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian – Amman, Jordan

    · Collaborating in the development and training of teachers for trauma-sensitive preschool program for mostly Syrian refugee children, Amman, Jordan

    · Providing training and resources for afterschool program for refugee children – Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian, Sudanese, Somali, Yemeni – Amman, Jordan

    · Working with Kosovo refugee children in Canada – after their arrival from experiencing war, violence, and dislocation in Kosovo

    · Volunteering with Children’s Disaster Services working with children immediately following disaster – US -mudslide, hurricane, tornado, New York City 9/11

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