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    March 29, 2020 at 2:34 am

    Amber HavensEmailAmber.Havens@cptc.eduAddressFox Island , WA 98333Training PhilosophyMy teaching philosophy as an adult educator, embraces the importance of continuously focusing on the needs of the adult learner. The learners come to me with prior knowledge, experience, expertise, and life events. Treating my students as adults validates them and creates a more successful learning environment and hopefully edifies the idea that learning is a life long endeavor for all. Catering to their developmental levels and learning styles is an additional responsibility. I understand that each person has a preferred way of learning and processing information. Through the well-designed curriculum, I try to account for the various learning styles. To ensure these concepts are put into practice, I prefer to use the ADDIE model to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate my courses. When at all possible, it is important to me to learn as much about my participants as I can in order to design and develop a competency-based course. Through further implementation and evaluation, I feel strongly that reflection on the intended outcomes and actual outcomes are connected. When this is not the case, I adjust the course and make the needed improvements. When these foundational considerations are taken I believe that I can be a more effective adult educator. Through continued personal professional development and reflection, I try to improve my skills to better serve my students.

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