Module 8 Healthy Practices (Part 11)

Debbie · December 9, 2019

The Handouts for this module are found in Materials. Handouts will be also be found in the associated lesson.

Hello! Welcome to Module 8 of the Child Care Basic!

This is the eighth module of 10 modules required to complete the Child Care Basic. All 10 modules must be completed to fulfill the Washington State Pre-service Training for Early Childhood workers.

Each module has a review to help you remember the concepts in preparation for the final quiz at the end of Module 10. After successfully passing the Module 10 quiz you will receive your certificate for the Child Care Basic Course.

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Overview Healthy Practices M7      Hand Washing Tips M8    Wash your hands M8   

Overview Healthy Practices part 2 M8        Preparing and Serving Food M8     Preparing and serving food M8b       Preparing and serving food M8c

U R What U Eat M8       Following a Health Policy M8        Daily Health Check M8

WAC 110-300:
Outcome A
Foundational Quality Standards for Early Learning Programs (2019): Section 186 (“Food allergies and special dietary needs“); Section 196 (“Food sources”); Section 197 (“Safe food practices”); Section 198 (“Food preparation areas”); Section 200 (“Handwashing and hand sanitizer”); Section 220 (“Bathroom space and toilet training”); Section 221 (“Diaper changing areas and disposal”). Online at:

Foundational Quality Standards for Early Learning Programs (2019): Section 145 (“Outdoor early learning program space“); Section 180 (“Meal and snack schedule”); Section 185 (“Menus, milk, and food”); Section 265 (“Sleep, rest, and equipment”); Section 270 (“Overnight care”); Section 290 (“Infant and toddler sleep, rest, and feeding”); Section 291 (“Infant and toddler safe sleep practices”). Online at:
Outcome C
Foundational Quality Standards for Early Learning Programs (2019): Section 205 (“Child, staff, and household member illness“); Section 500 (“Health policy”).Online at:

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