Infant Cognition and Ability Practicum

Debbie · July 15, 2020

Download the Worksheets in Materials for the Practicum.

Now that you have completed the Infant Cognition and Ability online portion you are ready to complete the Practicum.

In the Materials tab, you will find the documents you will need to complete the Practicum.

You will be asked a series of questions about the observations you make and your interactions with the children. You will be able to upload this information in this course.

Meeting with the Trainer is a requirement for the completion of this process. When you have completed your work onsite, contact the Trainer at 253-720-9776 to schedule a short follow-up meeting by phone, or Zoom.

There will be questions to answer concerning your experience in completing your work and the evaluation. The quiz will become available in your course after meeting with the Trainer and all materials have been uploaded and reviewed by the Trainer.

After completing the quiz you will be able to download your eCertificate and your work will be registered in MERIT.


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