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Learning Objectives Infant Cognition and Ability Micro

Debbie September 3, 2020

Part One:

  • Participants will discover the cognitive development of infants and ability through text lecture, media, activities and report through assignments, discussion board, check you knowledge, reflection and assignments.
  • Participants will discuss and reflect on the information considering their previous understanding of infant cognition.
  • Participant will consider activities and engagement that they will use to support cognitive development.
  • 1 Annual Professional Development Training Hour
  • Core Knowledge: Human Growth & Development Set 1
  • Core Competency: Child Growth & Development Level 2

Part Two: (Optional)

To take what you have learned, your wonderings, your ideas, and complete the observation and engagement handout. This will then be uploaded in the Infant Cognitive Abilities Practicum course option where you will complete 3 short questions about your experience.

  • 1 Annual Professional Development Training Hour
  • Core Competency Observation & Assessment Level 3
  • Core Knowledge Ongoing Measurement of Child Progress Set 1