Community Partner Information

  • Listing  your information on the Community Partner page is a FREE service to connect Trainers, Subject Matter Experts, and Organizations with the Early Learning community at large.
  • All submissions are reviewed by Pillars of Excellence before acceptance.
  • Submit the following information: Name of Trainer, Subject Matter Expert or Organization, Description of What you Provide, Contact information, Any other information you would like a potential client to know before contacting you.
  • Pillars will contact you when a decision has been make within a week from submission.
  1. Community Partner Trainers may submit a course at any time. Submissions will be reviewed by the instructional design department and trainers. It may take up to 2 weeks for a reply. Adding the course to the course list may take up to 3 months.
  2. If the course meets the needs of and quality required we will contact you with further information.
  3. There is no guarantee expressed or implied that your submission will be accepted for publication. If it is not accepted it will be deleted from email and the system. It will not be used by Pillars of Excellence.
  4. Community Partners/Trainers are not employees of Pillars of Excellence, they are contracted for piece work that will be published on the website.  
  5. Courses published on the website are given the license to sell the property in Pillars of Excellence online shop.
  6. You will retain the rights to your course for your personal training use. But while it is in the Pillars of Excellence shop it may not appear in the shop of another organization.
  7. A 1099 is required for tax purposes.
  8. If published it will include your name as the author, and you will be added to the community partner section with a short biography and picture if you choose to provide one.
  9. Monetary compensation is royalty based. When someone takes your course you will receive 50% of the purchase price. Paid quarterly.
  1. The typical one-hour course will need at least 10,000 words, resources used, questions and discussion topics, any media or handouts that support the course. Pictures that include children will not be accepted and they must be your own work. If taken at work you will need to supply proof that you have permission to use the images for this purpose.  If you need information on how to take pictures for your course please contact us.
  2. Copyright issues. You may not submit work designed or created by another person. It must be your own work. Though other sources and concepts may be mentioned they need to be documented/referenced. This why a list of sources is required. 
  3. Each submission will be run through a plagiarism check and you may need to do revisions on your work to make it your own.
  4. We are not editors per se; however, we claim the right to modify and change grammar, language use, etc. to meet the requirements for publishing. So, please edit your course before submission.
  5. Every submission must be aligned with early learning best practices and a current understanding and knowledge of research based information.
  6. We can accept word documents and PowerPoint presentations that can be edited if needed.
  7. Our instructional design staff reserves the right to modify the submission while maintaining the integrity and information provided to make it usable for our online learning management software, limitations, and options.
  8. Before publishing you will be allowed to view the course for approval to publish.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can contact us at 971-801-2336