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How to Keep Children Physically Fit

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Infant Cognition and Ability

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Lot's of great knowledge and useful information that will use every day.
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The trainer is very quick to answer any questions or problems you have.

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Our courses are accepted Washington, Oregon and Texas. Connect with your state or country to see if they will accept our outstanding course content.

Courses that are relevant with information you can use the next day. Follow up support is just a phone call, chat, text and Virtual Office Hours

Trainer Support

Trainers are available to support your education. Which includes one on one assistance to answer questions or support your learning experience. By phone, text and Virtual Office Hours.

Immediate eCertificate Available

Print off your certificate immediately after successful completion,

Courses created by teachers with years of experience in the classroom. They talk the talk because they have walked the walk.

Courses You Can Afford

We know the econimic challenges for educators today. We will always offer quality authoritative courses at a reasonable cost and some almost free!

It takes a big heart to hold a small hand.


Dollar Days!

Because we know of the economic challenges today, especially for teachers, we offer some almost free courses.
You can find these by state when you click the
"Looking for Courses?" button.

Need a Mentor?

The mentor’s focus is to support an educator whether
a teacher, adminstrator, or a trainer in the development
of goals for their practice and walking with you as you
achieve them.
A mentor is someone who has the experience
and training to be a sounding board and supporter.
Call us to find out more: 253-720-9776

Traveling Trainer

Pillars can provide in-service classes at your site or in
your area. Currently these are only available on
Saturdays within Washington State and Oregon.
Schedule yours today!
Call us at: 253-720-9776

We are in the process of developing an online
magazine that highlights the work you are doing.
If you have ever thought about sharing your successes,
or even your challenges you are invited to submit
your story, and we will review it for ePublication.
Submit your story to: debbiehasbrook@live.com

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Here at Pillars of Excellence we invite you to journey with us. This is a place where teachers, trainers, families, and leadership can find information on how to succeed in their work with children. Or to be successful in teaching adults, who teach teachers, who teach children.

We will continue to provide services, including some almost free courses to support the early learning community.

If you feel offering quality inexpensive courses to the early learning community has value, please support our work with a small tip. Or if you just want to buy the staff a cup of coffee, we love coffee!

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